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280.00 Kč

Forget about traditional scented candles and diffusers. We introduce to you a product that turns the world of aromatherapy upside down - our AROMA STONE. If you want to boost your mood, reduce stress, or simply enrich your surroundings with a pleasant scent, the aromatic stone is the right choice for you!

  • Smells in the room for 1-3 weeks after oil application (depending on the chosen oil)
  • No need to heat - it's absolutely safe for children and pets
  • Quick payback - doesn't require candles or electricity
  • A beautiful gift with therapeutic effects
  • Lasts 8 to 15 years in full operation
  • After several years, if you get tired of it, it can serve as a fragrance for your wardrobe!
  • Size: stone 9cm, bowl 11cm
  • Handmade with love in South Bohemia - each stone is unique ❤️

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Color and Aesthetics:

An exclusive black bowl, handcrafted from quality ceramics, represents not only an elegant accessory but also the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Its deep black color brings a sense of sophistication and luxury to any space, while its perfect curves and finish catch the eye at first glance. In combination with the cream aroma stone, a gem in a delicate creamy shade, they create a captivating contrast that appeals and at the same time provides a harmonious atmosphere. This pair will become the centerpiece of your interior, offering not only visual pleasure but also an experience for your senses.

How the stone works:

Its remarkable feature is its cost-effectiveness, as it operates entirely autonomously. Unlike diffusers that require power sources and unlike aroma lamps that need a candle, the aroma stone is completely independent. To activate the scented stone, simply drop 5-15 drops of essential oil onto it, after which no further care is needed. After a week, the stone can be dripped with a different oil. The oils do not mix, but the new oil replaces the original one on the stone. The stone then continues to emit fragrance for a week or two, depending on the intensity, type, and amount of oil used. Precisely because it doesn't need a lit candle, it's safe for households with children and pets. Moreover, the aroma stone is long-lasting – it can last up to 10 years. Its maintenance is minimal; do not wash it with water, simply dust it off occasionally. Good news for your respiratory system is that instead of candle fumes, you only breathe pure essence, which is healthier and more natural.

Our Production:

We are proud to produce this unique product ourselves, with love in the Czech Republic. We offer aroma stones in various color variations, along with a wide range of essential oils, which are also part of our brand. Our stones and oils are meticulously crafted with an emphasis on quality, ensuring a truly immersive and refreshing experience. Whether you crave a sweet fruity scent or a fresh pine atmosphere, we have the right choice for every occasion and mood.

4+1 Free Promotion:

And don't forget our excellent offer! When you buy four aroma stones, you get the fifth one absolutely free. Just have at least five stones in your cart, and the discount will automatically apply. So why not try our aroma stone and experience its wonderful benefits? Order it today and transform your home into an oasis of calm and relaxation.

Instructions for using the aroma stone:

  • Start by selecting an essential oil based on your preferences or current needs - whether it's for relaxation, increased focus, or cold relief.
  • Apply between 5 to 15 drops of your chosen oil to the stone. To ensure a pleasant and not overly strong scent, we recommend not exceeding this amount of drops the first time.
  • Place the aroma stone strategically in your room where the air flows. Over the next days to weeks, the scent will gradually diffuse throughout the space.
  • After this period, you can apply a new oil to the stone. Note that the new scent doesn't mix with the previous one but overpowers it, so you don't have to worry about mixed fragrances.
  • Do not rinse the stone with water, simply dust it off regularly. Its lifespan is extensive, serving you for years.
  • The aroma stone is perfectly safe even in environments with children and pets.

Personal tips for you:

  1. Bedroom: Place the aroma stone on your nightstand and drip it with an essential oil with relaxing properties, such as Lavender or Good Night. It will help relieve tension and prepare you for a peaceful sleep.
  2. Meditation: Place the aroma stone in your meditation area and drip it with woody or floral scents. This can help you focus better and deepen your meditation practice.
  3. Office: Place the aroma stone on your desk and use refreshing oils like Litsea Cubeba, Bergamot, or other citrus fruits to boost your energy and concentration during work.
  4. Bathroom: Put the aroma stone on a shelf in your bathroom and drip it with a refreshing scent oil, such as Eucalyptus. It's a great way to indulge in relaxation during a relaxing bath. When having a cold, the aroma stone can also be a great companion. Just drip the stone with an antiseptic property oil like Thyme, Tea Tree, or Forest during a shower, inhale, and let yourself be carried away by the healing scent.
  5. Aroma therapy: Create your own scent therapy by alternating different oils on the aroma stone. This allows you to create your own combination of scents according to your current mood.
  6. Car: Place the aroma stone in a safe place in your car and choose an essential oil with an uplifting scent, such as citrus fruits, to enhance alertness while driving.
  7. Cleaning and odor removal: Use the aroma stone with refreshing scents to neutralize unpleasant odors in various rooms of your home. Popular choices are Home, Cucumber, Grapefruit, Litsea Cubeba, and others depending on the mood.
  8. Gift: The aroma stone can be a great gift for your loved ones. Choose an essential oil that might match their preferences or needs. Women will be delighted with Goddess or Magnolia, while men might appreciate Exclusive or Fresh Herbs.

Remember, the choice of essential oil depends on your preferences and needs. The aroma stone gives you the opportunity to create a unique and personal atmosphere in your home.

Information about the aroma stone:

The aroma stone is handmade in the Czech Republic from high-quality materials.

Since it involves manual production and painting, the stones may vary slightly in weight and color.

The dimensions of the stone are approximately 9 cm and the accompanying dishes 11 cm.

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